Discover How To Release Your Music

& Grow Your Fan Base Authentically

with the help of Release Concierge

Are you trying (and failing) to cut through the noise with your next release?

The music industry has shifted:

Old Music Industry

  • physical cd's, tapes, records

  • artists wait to be discovered

  • you need to launch pr campaigns

  • artists have limited creative control

  • you can only record in professional studios

  • trying to do things solo

New Music Industry

  • online streaming services

  • you create your own visibility

  • you need to be on social media

  • artists have 100% creative control

  • you can record in home studios

  • release with the help of a Release Concierge

To thrive as an artist in 2023, it’s time for a pivotal shift.


"Release Concierge"

Here's how some of our clients would describe what we do...



Here's what we actually help you achieve in 90 days:

  • Help you gain unlock your artist identity

  • Craft a 'new music' release roadmap personalized to you

  • Guide you with modern strategies to grow your organic audience that attract your raving super fans

  • and so much more...

Let go of the overwhelm and confusion by doing things solo, so you can successfully start releasing your music with the help of Release Concierge.

So next time you release music, before pouring another dime into a PR campaign that promises the moon yet delivers dust.

There's something critical you need to realize

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Artists no longer get discovered by traditional PR placements.

They get discovered on social media (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube) and then amplified in the media.

Here's your opportunity to free from the old chains and propel yourself into the new era of the music industry leveraging your secret weapon - a release concierge.

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